Child Protection at Hawston

All children have the right to be protected. All children have the right to nurturing relationships and quality care. Therefore Ezrah was delighted to be invited by Neo Life to present two sessions at their recent Mother and Daughter Day, held at the Thusong Centre in Hawston on the 13th of May 2017 to promote these rights.

About 200 women and daughters were treated to a day of celebration by Neo Life. Ezrah presented two sessions – one on safeguarding children from the dangers of pornography and another on the importance of caring mother-daughter relationships. During this day, attendees shared a special lunch together and also had the opportunity to listen to the testimonies of some of the young girls who were supported by Neo Life during their pregnancy to continue with their education.

Ezrah is grateful to collaborate with Neo Life on strengthening child protection and congratulate them on a very successful community event in Hawston. We wish you well for the work that you will be doing in Hawston to protect children and to strengthen families within this community.