King IV Principles – how we implement it in Ezrah

At Ezrah, the aim of our board of directors is to govern Ezrah in line with best practice principles as we believe with Advocate Thuli Madonsela that we will not be able to lead others if we are not able to lead ourselves.

We therefore appreciate the framework that the 16 King IV principles for non-profit companies provide and aim to align our governance structures and decisions with these important principles. Our success in implementing these principles are also evident in our achievement of receiving the Viva Accountability Mark for our alignment with best practice in the following six areas:

  1. Governance
  2. Financial Accountability
  3. Project Planning and Design
  4. Child Protection
  5. Child Wellbeing
  6. People Care

EZRAH Verification Letter

To read more, about how we implement the King IV principles, please download our latest integrated annual report below:

Integrated Annual Report 2018 | Ezrah NPC Annual Financial Statements 28 February 2018