Connect Network has just started a new cycle of the QIS Programme with the very exciting QIS Standards Day, hosted on the 18th of February 2016. A total of 21 persons from 13 Network Affiliate Organisations attended this day, working hard to assess their own organisations and to formulate a plan for the year to make improvements in terms of organisational development. A few affiliates are aiming for QIS verification this year, while some newcomers are just starting out on the journey. This day was great as organisations could encourage one another to keep growing in spite of challenges. Not only did Ezrah play a huge part in coordinating the day alongside the Connect coordination team, but some Ezrah directors were also able to attend the day and do some preparation for our own upcoming Viva verification.

Here are a few comments on the success of the day:

  • A well planned and productive workshop.
  • Fun and inspiring
  • Looking forward to the QIS journey
  • I would like to thank you for this opportunity – our organisation will have a way forward and we will know what to have in place
  • We as an organisation really needed the upliftment and encouragement to move forward in strength
  • Great day!!!

For more information on the QIS programme, please contact Mariette at or visit the Connect Network website at