Social Worker Survey Results – Drakenstein Area

On Friday, the 9th of March we were able to provide feedback to social workers attending the Valcare Social Worker Support Breakfast on the results of the Social Worker Survey for the Drakenstein-area that was launched at the end of 2017 to capture the child protection challenges and needs which social workers face. Challenges that emerged were the impact of substance abuse and poor parenting as well as the lack of knowledge and collaboration around resources and services for children. These survey results will form part of the eventual child protection mapping that the Drakenstein Child Protection Steering Group is working on.

Please see a summary of the most important results below:

Drakenstein social worker survey results

Through the Drakenstein Child Protection Programme in collaboration with Valcare, Ezrah together with the Drakenstein Child Protection Steering Group is steadily working towards potential solutions to address these challenges. One of the successful outcomes that we had so far, is the great feedback which was received from participants who attended the Care-giver Training on Positive Discipline at the end of February. We are also looking to implement Child Participation Training in May, while having small group discussions for social workers in order for them to obtain CPD points.

We are excited about strengthening the Child Protection System within Drakenstein and will send out communication soon on training opportunities.

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