This #GivingTuesday we have decided we are #GivingBack as an organisation by a series of blogs on a topic that is at the heart of what Ezrah is all about: values.

Today’s theme: Stewardship 

“Stewardship is the use of God-given resources for the accomplishment of God-given goals” (Ron Blue).

Therefore, in Ezrah we place a high emphasis on being good stewards by valuing our resources and commit to collaborate with partners that share our work ethos.  Being good stewards increases our capacity and help us to raise up a new generation of leaders. We implement the value of Stewardship by evaluating ourselves with the following questions:

  • Do we use our resources for the purpose it was intended for?
  • Do we use our time wisely?
  • Are we developing positive stakeholder relationships?
  • And do we encourage teamwork?

Which resources do you have and how can you steward that well to accomplish God-given goals?  Make each moment count today…