This #GivingTuesday we have decided we are #GivingBack as an organisation by a series of blogs on a topic that is at the heart of what Ezrah is all about: values.

Today’s theme is competence. 

“There are three qualities a leader must exemplify to build trust: competence, connection, and character” (John C. Maxwell).

Therefore, in Ezrah we commit to create a culture of continuous development, growth, creativity and innovation in line with our motto “Grow Today. Lead Tomorrow” by challenging ourselves with the following questions:

  • How are we thinking outside the box?
  • Which new skills do we need to develop?
  • How we can encourage and inspire growth in others?
  • Do we continuously measure our impact to make sure that we are growing and connecting?

If you could grow in one area of competence this year, what action do you need to take today?