What We Do

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Focus Areas

All the work we do is implemented through these four key focus areas.

Invest in people

Our investment is first and foremost in people, especially to empower the next generation as ethical leaders of change

Strategic Clarity

We value strategic clarity and forward thinking to define best practice in all that we do. 


We achieve social cohesion with a solution-focused attitude.


We promote value-based education and disciplined, ethical service delivery.

Key Services


Empowering the next generation as leaders of change

Ethical and effective leadership is critical in the non-profit sector. Leaders in this sector often have the daunting task of inspiring people to get behind a vision of impacting communities with far fewer resources than leaders in the for-profit world have. In Ezrah, we aim to implement flexible and innovative leadership programmes in line with our LEAD model through shorter projects which make easier for leaders to implement and track their progress, while helping them to develop ethical thinking frameworks to do the right thing at all times, no matter the cost. We also aim to empower children as leaders of change.

Examples of our leadership development services include:

  • Strategic planning
  • Board and staff development
  • Ethics

Equipping organisations to grow sustainably

Capacity building in the civil society sector is all about empowering non-profit organisations with the motivation and skill to adapt to the external world in order to ensure long-term sustainability. Ezrah aims to come alongside organisations through a caring approach where we invest in people, bring strategic clarity and help them to make ethical commitments by putting sound processes, systems and policies in place. We also expand their capacity by helping them to link with stakeholders, networks and resources in an efficient way.

Examples of our capacity building services include:

  • Policy development
  • Sharing of resources

Building strong partnerships together

We aim to collaborate with partners in a meaningful way to maximise our efforts and resources so that we can achieve greater outcomes in the best interest of children together. Purposeful collaborations allow each partner to grow deeper and reach wider with a shared premise that it is an honour to serve. Starting from that foundation, we implement integrated plans with a shared value system and vision, always keeping the best interest of our beneficiaries and clients in mind.

Examples of collaboration projects include:

  • Coordinted efforts
  • Steering Groups
  • Focus Groups
  • Collaborative projects

Sharing values, skills and resources in line with best practice

Our workshops aim to be professional, yet creative, interactive and life-changing. We have a particular strong emphasis on promoting the best interest of children in line with the Children’s Act and international rights of children. Therefore, we have multiple workshops to empower community leaders and care-givers to create safe spaces for children where they can thrive and develop as the next generation of leaders.

Examples of our training services include:

  • Child Protection Workshops
  • Child Participation Workshops
  • Parent Mentoring Workshops